The basic principles of marketing are also applicable to web design process. The only major difference is that earlier it was the live conventional market but now it is the virtual world of the internet that reigns supreme. The aim of any business is to generate revenue by selling its products or services to the buyers. The business identities have realized the advantages of the internet/online marketing and want a website to be their business identity card in the internet world. Merely having website does not mean that the business is going to flow in automatically. Some of the fundamental principles for website design are as follows.

Target: Prior to web designing the business should study and clarify what market segment it wants to target. If a business is manufacturing machines for industrial market, the website should have a technical look and not like a website offering cosmetics.

Sharing Information: If all information is shared why would the buyer contact you? It is better to share only relevant information that can boost the sales. Redundant information could make the website not only heavy but also waste the time of the visitor. This could leave a negative impact on the visitor.  

Accesses to information: Once the visitor has clicked on to the website he/she should be able to access the information sought within the least number of clicks. The longer the time taken for this, the more are the chances of the visitor enthusiasm to get evaporated. The website should be easy to navigate.

Platforms: There are different platforms like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.  The technology used for designing the website should be compatible with browser technology. It is usually seen that the technologies that are of higher versions than CSS1 or XHTML1.0 Strict are not compatible with the internet explorer. In case of internet explorer there are limitations to the resolution too. This means when the website is being designed with IE as the platform one should be very careful at embedding the images. A website that is compatible with one platform may not be compatible with another platform.  The best way to test the compatibility is by testing the website on different platform. Finally what is the use of the website that cannot be downloaded just because of incompatibility with the browser technology?

Ugly Beauty: All that glitters is not gold. If the website is beautifully adorned with visual content it does not mean that the site is successful. On the contrary it is possible that the beauty of the website may not be considered by the search engines. This is possible because of the technology used. This can be detrimental for the business because the URL may not feature top on the search engine list and the visitor may not be tempted to click on the URL. What is the use of interior decoration when no one comes within and sees it? The web design needs to be user friendly as well as search engine friendly.

Ends serve the means: The final objective of the website should be to be the first one to be contacted by the visitor. The early bird takes the worm. The web design should be based on search engine optimization strategy. The website should be appealing for the visitor and be able to convert them from visitor to buyer.

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