Revealed! This one page article is all you need to start taking very funny pictures.

Are you often thinking you want to take photos that make people laugh?
Do you see great photographic opportunities but don’t know what do actually do next?

The aim of this article is to teach the newcomer how to take funny pictures.
The biggest myth about taking these types of photos is that it is hard to get started, and now I’m going to give you an exclusive step by step blueprint.

1) Pets and animals can be amusing – scenes of pets playing with objects, playing with children, or playing with other pets can make for very funny pictures. Kittens, puppies and birds are naturally curious animals, and these make for wonderful opporunities to take close up photos. Try introducing toys, paper bags or other similar objects to for the pet to play with. If you have a cat, my top tip to you is to ask a family member or friend to pull a piece of string across the floor. As anyone who owns a cat will know, your kitty will instinctively chase after it, leaving you to take the photos.
To avoid disrupting the pet, avoid use of the flash where possible, and don’t make any sudden or loud noises as this will snap them out of their playful mood.

2) Children’s faces – put any group of children together for more than a few minutes, and soon enough, some of them will start pulling humorous faces, which make the perfect funny pictures.

3) Take photos of everything – if you are keen on photography like me, your digital camera will be attached to your arm most of the time. Start taking photos of near enough everything; chairs, people, animals, signs etc. If you are asking yourself how this is relevant to taking ‘funny pictures’, I shall tell you. Speaking from experience, you will be surprised at how many amusing events you will capture on camera without even intending it. A funny frozen expression of a passer-by can be all it takes to get that much sought after image.

4) Follow the signs – we’ve all received emails in our inbox containing images of humorous signs from across the world. You know the sort – there is one outside a church saying “staying in bed shouting, ‘oh God’ does not constitute going to church”. These make great funny pictures, and can be as blatant as the example I just gave, or as simple as a spelling mistake.

The writer is a regular contributor of articles related to photography, and is also the author of a website containing funny pictures