A long time ago, a king prepared a competition for his beloved daughter to pick a son-in-law. But the Princess was blind. The king was so worried. And the Princess said, “Don’t worry about it. I can find my Mr White.” At the end of the competition, the candidates dressed themselves up and looked so smart. But they don’t know that the Princess was blind. Until the fifth candidate, he nervously came up to the Princess and gave a glass of perfume with love. Finally, the Princess married the young man, even if he is a clown. But the Princess felt his sincerity. That is a classic story of perfume. If you are elegant woman, perfume is a necessity in your daily life. But different perfume has itself seasons. It means that you need to use different perfume at different seasons. At first, let’s take about which kind of perfume is fit for spring. The temperature of spring is relatively lower than summer. But the climate is humid. A flowery perfume or fruity-aromatic perfume are your best choice in this season. For example, ANNA SUI Sui Love EDT perfume has a sweet floral and fruity favor with fashion butterfly-shape bottle. The summer is a hot season. It is easy to be bathed in sweat. You should choose one highly volatile perfume with fresh flavor. Therefore, floral fresh perfume is your best choice. For example, L’EAU PAR KENZO. In autumn, it is a dry climate with autumn wind. It is the best time to use a heavy perfume, such as floral aldehydic, Oriental ambery. The Dunhill Desire perfume is good for independent woman. Chanel Allure perfume is an example for winter which has a very tang flavor. Except for the season characteristics, there are eight rules to spray perfume. First, you could spray some perfume on your hair after you wash it. Never put perfume on hair with dust and grease. Second, it is a good idea to spray perfume on the bottom of your skirt. You also could put a handkerchief with perfume on the ironing board and then put your clothes on the handkerchief. This way can last the fragrance longer. Third, it could not leave a spot on the clothes with nylon or woolen material. The fragrance could take a longer time to wear off. On the contrary, it could leave a spot on the clothes with cotton or silk material. Never spray perfume on fur. It could change the fur and color. Fifth, if you left spots on your clothes by perfume, you could pat the spots with spirituous cotton. Sixth, you could put the perfume in refrigerator to keep it, except parfum. Seven, never put a heavy perfume when you attend a serious meeting or visit a patient. Eight, at the Banquet, it is the basic courtesy to put your perfume under the waist because a heavy perfume could influence the smell of food.