If you are looking to build a successful team, one that will help you and your company get where you want to go then it is vitally important that you find the right people for your team. Unfortunately, all too often when people go about hiring someone they rely on their gut reaction to a person and the way they respond to questions or a list of criteria that is rather irrelevant. Lou Adler understands this all to well. He is a veteran headhunter and a renowned hiring expert. Lou Adler has written a guide called “Talent Rules!” where he explains his step by step process on how to make sure you hire the right person for the positions that you have available.

“Talent Rules!” is perhaps the most essential guide for anyone that is serious about hiring the right people for a position within their company. The last thing anyone wants is an employee that isn’t motivated, ineffectual or a terrible fit for the position they were hired to fill. This can be damaging to the morale of your team and hinder your future success. In “Talent Rules!” Lou Adler lays out a very detailed interview and assessment checklists, these lists will help you see the candidate before you based on measurable performance objectives instead of your gut reaction. It is important to remember that business is business and not let it get personal.

If you are interested in learning more about the latest hiring techniques and strategies that are being used, Lou Adler also takes the time to go over those with you. He will show you what works in the online and offline world so that you can attract the candidates that are going to be the “most right” for the positions that you have open.

This is important; few employers realize that what they are putting in their job descriptions is what is attracting the wrong people for the position. “Talent Rules!” will show you what you should be saying so that you can weed out the wrong candidates before you ever see their resume. Along with this, employers also need to know how those prime candidates go about looking for a job to help make sure that your opening is seen by them. For example, are they really looking in the local classified sections of the paper?

Another area that may be causing the wrong people to apply for a position with your company is the job description that you have currently both internally and externally. Be prepared because the advice that Lou Adler gives in this department is radically different then what you are used to. What is one of the biggest issues facing many companies today when it comes to finding the right candidate for their open position, money? “Talent Rules!” is going to show you how to convince that perfect candidate to take the job even though you are not able to pay them the salary they are asking for.

In today’s economy, the number of potential candidates for any opening is astronomical compared to what it was just 3 years ago. More fish in the pond doesn’t necessarily mean more perfect fits for your business it simply means that there are more candidates to weed through to find that perfect candidate. “Talent Rules!” by Lou Adler will help you craft a job description to attract the right candidates and help you make sure that candidate takes the job.

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