Dry skin rash and eczema are common because of the lifestyle we choose to live. It can be eliminated by changing the foods that you eat. Within a few days my skin healed and become smooth and velvety. The itching first deteriorated and then stopped altogether. There were other benefits to my health that were unexpected including feeling more energetic, and having stronger hair and nails. Sometimes skin rashes may happen because someone in the family used to have it. This type of rash is hereditary in nature and can manifest itself at any time in any season. Therefore, the weather need not be a cause for such rashes. Dry skin rash is a mild symptom of allergy but comes along with an itchiness that is difficult to avoid scratching. Still, you have to refrain from doing so as this will not help you in any way but even escalate the itching and also leave marks after the episode. Your eczema and dry skin rash needs oxygen. Oxygen is required for each and every cell in your body in order to release energy and carry out an infinite number of critical life processes. Here are some vegetables for you to choose from: collards, lettuce, cabbage, spinach, watercress, kale, rocket, radicchio, fennel, carrots chard, turnips, parsnips, radishes, beetroot, celery, yams, sweet potatoes, cauliflower and swedes. Nutrients are broken down and simplified. This dramatically increases the nutrients contained within the sprout. During germination starches are broken down into sugars, protein is broken down into amino acids, fats are broken down into essential fatty acids and minerals combine with protein to create a more beneficial nutrient. The first thing that you should do it to reduce the amount of intake of cooked foods and increase the intake of raw foods. Have a biogenic meal at least once in a day which contains raw vegetables, mixture of 2 or 3 bean sprouts, some fruit and a plate of fresh salad. This happens when your body is lacks of nutrition required in order for it for function and do the process of skin cells rejuvenation. Therefore, considering the proper diet is a huge issue here. Always avoid places that do not have comfortable or tolerable temperature and humidity.Lastly, remember to take a shower the moment you finish swimming, especially when you’re doing it as an exercise. There are a lot of chemicals found in treated pools that can cause dermatitis.The amino acids contained in Wheatgrass are absorbed into your blood where they can work on neutralising toxic substances more effectively. An eczema sufferer’s body should be internally cleansed efficiently. Dry Skin Rash needs oils. Oils are absolutely vital for healthy skin. The essentially fats contained in these oils lubricates the skin and organs. Essential fats reduce the risk of many diseases including eczema. Beneficial rich fats are contained in seeds, nuts and fish. Always avoid warm or hot baths. Such baths drives away the essential nutrients found on the epidermis. Some of these micro nutrients are essential in maintaining lubrication, moisture, elasticity and the over all balance of the skin layers.

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