Dear Acne Sufferer,

Please, whatever else you do, please just try some home remedies for curing acne. I’ve tried and tried to warn you something was wrong! Where do you think all those pimples came from? All these toxins and junk floating around inside of me have to go somewhere and the easiest way to get rid of them is through the skin. It’s just the way it has to be until I can do something about them.

But what do you do? You put even more toxins ON your skin! How the heck are you supposed to stop breakouts by doing that? It’s insane! At the very least, please stop using those chemicals and try some of these home remedies for curing acne.

Your Body

Now that was a bit silly, but I just wanted to make a point. Acne is and always will be an internal problem that stems from the simple fact that we all carry toxins inside of us. Normally, the body handles these quickly and they are expunged and taken care of. Now what has happened to most people nowadays is that the chemicals have reached some level where the body can n longer keep up. Everyone has different reactions to these built up toxins. You and I get breakouts, whereas our friends get migraine headaches, and still others get sick all of the time.

Now while acne is an internal problem, you can definitely help stop breakouts by using some of these proven home remedies for curing acne.

Tumeric and sandalwood powder mixed with some water. This combination is great for clearing pores and preventing breakouts. Also the sandalwood has a very cooling effect and makes your skin look great.

Honey and papaya. Blend the papaya into a paste and mix with some honey. This is incredibly moisturizing and it also helps clear the skin of excess oil and dead skin. On top of that, the vitamin a in the papaya is great for healing scars and blemishes.

Another of the favored home remedies for curing acne is to use milk of magnesia. This is simply awesome at clearing oil from your skin yet leaving it moisturized.

As I said before, acne is an internal problem and as such, it can only be cured by taking steps to end these internal problems. These home remedies for curing acne are good at preventing and treating breakouts, but they’ll never work enough to completely cure you.

Home remedies for curing acne are some of the best and cheapest alternatives today that someone can use to get clear skin.