Hidden Rules in Workplace

Business always been regarded as the first thing in the company, in fact, it also has a fierce political struggle; we call the unspoken game rules Hidden rules. Based on the painful lessons of the past ten years I am in the company, here the following for your reference:

1.#Make a big deal over than do 100 little things.
Though it is both serve the people, contribute to the company, but you need to understand that everyone can do 100 little things, less than an influential event, more for their increased chances of promotion. Because those little things, such as copying, typing, pouring water, every can do them, it can not come to show your inner intelligent. (Unless in a special environment, others all do not care to do them but you do , this can show your value).That is to say, in order to highlight your ability, only do those influential, affecting things .Boss can have a profound impression on you only in such matters. In a word, if you want to have a big promotion, you must learn to give up those little staff, and try your best to focus on something more influential. Been working hard to sweep the house always can not sweep the world!

2.#what a boss need is not the most capable man
Every boss can divide into two types, one is able to work, and the other is loyal to him. If you only committed to your work, make the boss see you are not enough loyal, it seems that you have no opportunity for advancement. The only chance is to continue working, become old cattle. If you are loyal but without strong operational capabilities, it does not matter, you will get promoted one day, because loyalty to be more scarce than ability. If your ability is too strong, even if you are very loyal, the boss will take precautions of you, who knows you will replace him tomorrow? So you need to have ability, but not too strong, and be loyal to your boss, only take this measures can you get a fast promotion.

3. Do not request an immediate return after help others
Try to help colleagues within your ability, is a cumulative Multiplier method to accumulateinterpersonal assets. One company Expertssaid once said: More people who owe me, more people to help me in the future. So, if your colleagues need to find someone to help next time, do not forget to come forward to help solve the problem .

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