Start early.

Always allow yourself more time than you actually need. You do not want to feel rushed or under pressure to find something fast as this is when monumental buying errors are made. Put yourself at an advantage by being free from time restraints.


Wear change-friendly clothing.

A shopping trip not only demands you buy good clothes but wear them, too. Items with buttons that are fiddly to undo, or skinny jeans that refuse to come off in one swift motion, should be avoided; you will end up being hot and bothered before you’ve even tried anything on. Leggings and a long top with pumps or slip-on boots are ideal as they are comfortable and easily removable.



At the very least, plan what items you need to buy before you go. At the most, decide which shops you want to visit and then plan your route accordingly. If you have a lot to purchase you will find that mapping out your trip will save precious minutes, and you can never go wrong with a good list.


Take a non-hand bag.

Your bag choice is almost important as your clothing choice as the wrong one can hinder your browsing ability. A hand-held bag is shopping suicide. Ideally you want a shoulder bag (an over-the shoulder is even better) as you then have two free hands for perusing the rails. For size you want something that will fit all your essentials whilst not being so big that it swallows your purse every time you get to the tills.



At some point you will get hot, and you will resent having to put your spree on hold just to re-hydrate. Take a bottle-topped drink with you and keep it in your bag to prevent this inconvenient situation presenting itself.


Choose your partner carefully.

DO NOT shop with someone you haven’t seen for a while as the inevitable in-depth conversation will distract you from your task. A boyfriend is also a no-go as they will be inclined to say yes to anything just to hurry you up. A close and honest friend is best, or if you’re short of those then go it alone. 



Tackle the task with enthusiasm and dedication. If you begin your spree with negativity or a half-hearted approach then you are doomed to fail. Be optimistic whilst keeping an open mind as to what you may find, and you can only succeed.


The most important thing to remember is not to let the shopping control you; you must control the shopping. If you follow this 7-step plan then your trip will not only be enjoyable but incredibly productive. We wish you the best of luck.

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