If you are looking for a camera that you can rely on to take excellent pictures every time then the SD1400IS is the camera for you. The value of pictures that are produced from this camera are just as clear as any pictures you receive from a professional photographer. Many who have tested this camera have been taken aback at how easy it is to operate and also with the value of the pictures created by this camera.

The Canon Powershot SD1400IS is the perfect pocket sized camera for amateur photographers or parents and even as a smaller pocket camera for professionals, when it’s too difficult to transport a large camera to an area. The Canon Powershot SD1400IS has it all – image stabilization, 14.1 mega pixel resolution, and a large 2.7 inch LCD screen to view the shot, thus taking the guess work out of your pictures.

One of the best features in my opinion is, instead of having to change the cameras resolution or flash settings to match various lighting conditions, the Canon Powershot SD1400IS has an intelligent auto mode. This guarantees that you won’t miss out on important pictures in low light conditions anymore because the camera automatically adjusts to the lighting of the area to guarantee you the best picture quality.

The The Canon Powershot SD1400IS also offers a video camera capability so you can catch that important play at the game and
replay it for review, or catch your child’s graduation with pictures and video on one component instead of having to bring two different items, a camera and a video camera.

Getting close-up pictures is easy with the 4x optical zoom and the 28mm wide angle lens. This camera will capture a distant or close up picture of landscapes as easily as a shot of your child’s smile.

The SD1400IS comes with an fabulously enormous array of various features that will satisfy even the most experienced of photographers. You are able to control the fantastic one touch zoom capabilities, the strength of the flash exposure, and many more, such as convert the colour of the photo before you even take it.

Furthermore, included is a self-timer to permit you to take pictures at the perfect moment, face detection that is set to take the photograph when everyone is looking toward the camera and smiling, and many more features that make The SD1400IS the best imaginable buy!

Priced sensibly, this is an affordable option to anyone who likes to take pictures. No matter if you are taking pictures of your child, landscape, up close, far away, or even at night. The Canon Powershot SD1400IS is certain to give you years of pleasure and clear pictures. You will never fail to take that perfect photograph again.

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