The cause of Psoriasis is curable. Recent research proves there is a cure.

Note that it will be at lease another 10 years before the Dermatologist in the USA start using the cure for the cause.

It’s a myth that Psoriasis is incurable and it really isn’t a skin disease at all.

What it is, is a body defect that messes up the skin cell production process. Psoriasis sufferers just don’t produce enough of the skin building blocks and good skin is not produced properly. Instead in some places, your body makes chemicals that irritates the skin which results in a build up of extra skin that flakes off… hence you have Psoriasis.

It is a well known fact that northern summer sunshine helps the body make better skin and reduces the production of the extra buildup of skin cells.

However, the sunshine effect doesn’t last beyond the summer months.

Diet also helps the body manufacture better skin cells. Oatmeal, the simple breakfast food, is known to contain some of the missing ingredients used to make normal skin.

There are also a couple of Vitamin supplements that are know to help sufferers produce a cleaner and normal skin.

The above regimen taken steadily is known to help the majority of sufferers throughout the year.

The Europeans and Indians are more experienced and advanced to help rid the body of unsightly Psoriasis lesions. They can and sometime do administer a group of aggressive food grade ingredients (problem – they can cause an upset digestive system that returns to normal when treatment stops ) that so far have not found their way to American supplier’s shelves for sale to the US public. It has been reported that 4 out of 5 sufferers who enroll in these regimens get some if not all Psoriasis relief. And again, to have a permanent effect the regimen must be consistently continued.

My personal experience:
It was only through my persistence that a better treatment resulted and is given above. I now have minimal and an acceptable social level of Psoriasis and it does not bother me anymore. Below, in my bio I’ve referenced a source where you can find more information.