This software program can help you even if you are trying to export an image from your digital video camera. If you have your own digital video and would like to capture some pictures from it you will receive as a result images with little tin lines that are crossing thru the captured picture. You can use your Paint Shop Pro software to remove (Deinterlace) this lines from your digital image. This tutorial is written for Paint Shop Pro version 9.01. In some of the other versions may be have a little difference, but the main principle is the same.

There are some easy steps that you can do to make your pictures to look like much better than they are now.
Let’s see first a picture, which is made with a high quality digital camera (10.1 mega pixels, maximum quality with automatic settings). Even if you think that it is perfect we can show you that it is not. You can make a test by clicking the image below with a right mouse button and to save image to your computer. Or you can take any of your digital images and to make a test with it.

Step One: Fix the light/ dark, contrast or sharp problems to your image. First thing that you must to do after opening the program, called Paint Shop Pro is to open the image in the main program window. To do it – choose from the top menu File – Open and locate the image on your PC. Now, when the image is opened you can make a simple test – if you think that the image is little bit dark or gray or even too light you can choose from the top menu “Enhance Photo”. When you click the button you will see a falling menu – choose the first option (it is first if your settings are by default) – the option is called “One step photo fix”. Let the program to make the changes. Now you can see that your image is much clear. The colors are more realistic and the light is much better than it was before. This option can make your objects much sharpen if it is necessary for better contrast and vision or soft lines if it’s necessary. And the good thing is that these changes are absolutely automated just by pressing one button from your menu. Of course, you can make the changes manually, if you don’t like the automatic results. There are separate options for setting the color, sharpness, contrast, softness, etc. with values that can be set manually. Now if you want, you may save your new picture.
Tip: We recommend you to save the picture with a different name – for example – if your original image name is “image.jpg” you can save your new name as “image-a.jpg”. This can be done from the top menu – choose “File” / “Save as …” This way you can keep your original picture file and you’ll be able to compare both files and changes that you made. Don’t forget that the software programs can make mistakes too, so sometimes you may be will prefer the original image quality and settings. This is another reason to save your new digital files with different names.

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