The digital age has made it a lot easier for us to take as many pictures as we can. We can be trigger happy with our cameras, shooting pictures to our heart’s content, and not worry about wasting precious film or battery power.

Now, we’re just concerned with consuming the allocated memory in our camera’s memory card or memory stick as well as our battery’s stored power. But those concerns are not as costly as before when we had to always buy film and battery for our camera. These days, we just recharge our camera battery and download camera files to our computers or save them in CDs and other digital storage formats, and then we can return to our wanton shooting of anyone and anything we want to capture on camera.

With thousands of digital photos in our possession, possibilities are endless in terms of what we can do with those photos and how we can share them with our friends and relatives anywhere in the world. There are a lot of fun ways to share our photos with everyone. We can post them on the Web and create online albums which our friends and loved ones can view wherever they are on the globe.

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