The state of your skin condition is affected by the technique you use on applying your skin care. Sometimes, people get different results due to the difference of the way they apply their skin care daily.

But, the case of not getting fantastic healthy skin is not entirely to blame on your technique and skills. Everyone has different skin types and different reactions to the skin care products. A product did not work for some people because of the way they apply it on their skin and also sometimes, it’s just that their skin is not meant for the product. Here are some techniques of applying skin care to get the optimal results.

Ensure that your skin is clean before applying any skin care products. Skin care products works best and absorb more to the skin when the skin is moist. You may want to wash your face before applying skin care products or apply it after you take a shower or a bath. Your skin absorbs the best when it is wet, so don’t dry yourself up entirely after your bath so that you can apply your skin care products. Pat dry when needed and leave it to air dry.

Another tip is to ensure your skin is warm before you apply your creams or gels on your skin. With a little heat, it allows the substance to penetrate into the skin better. Just use luke warm water and don’t overheat your skin as it will dry your skin.

Exfoliate often and exfoliate with care. Exfoliation is to remove dead cells that gets accumulated on the top layer of your skin making your skin look dull, dry and flaky. The ideal number of times to exfoliate is 3 times a week.

Keep your skin hydrated at all times and use sunscreen during the day time. For better absorption of skin care products to nourish your skin, it is best to apply it before bedtime. That way, you skin get to receive the nutrients and do all the renewal, reproducing of new cells and also heal itself without the interruption.

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