Anyone with a child has enjoyed Disney movies like the Aladdin pictures and the Little Mermaid. The movies are heartwarming and beautifully made to say the least. The characters are rich and colorful and make excellent focal points for decorating a child’s room.

The Aladdin based characters consisted of 3 movies, various cartoons and character spin offs as well so if your little one is a fan of Aladdin or any other characters in these shows then you are well covered for idea.

The Aladdin movies were Aladdin, Aladdin and the King of Thieves and Return of Jafar. There was also a cartoon series that debut in 1994 and is still found today on some channels. In addition many of the characters from Aladdin made the crossover to the cartoon series Hercules: The Animated Series.

In the original movie Aladdin, a young Arabian orphan or “street rat” meets the Princess Jasmine who is tired of having her life planned out and does not wish to marry the man her father has chosen for her. The villain of the piece is Grand Vizier Jafar, who is attempting to enter the Cave of Wonders to collect the treasure but has discovered prophesy that says only the “Diamond in the Rough” may access the cave. The trouble begins when Jafar discovers that the young “street rat” is the “Diamond in the Rough” of prophesy and attempts to force Aladdin to take him into the cave by placing him in prison and telling Princess Jasmine he is dead.

Jafar then takes Aladdin and his little monkey to the cave where he forces him to go into the cave. While in the cave Aladdin does something wrong that angers the cave and he barely escapes with his life, monkey, magic carpet and a Genie’s lamp.

Aladdin promises the Genie that comes from the lamp that he will give him his freedom with the last of his three wishes. With the first wish Aladdin asks to become a prince so that he can marry the Princess Jasmine.

All of this makes a child’s bedroom theme pretty easy and fun. Every little girl wants to be a princess and every little boy has a hero inside of them waiting to come out. Check out some of the ideas below for creating a fantasy bedroom for your little adventurer or princess.

Princess Jasmine is a very popular princess with the young ladies. For a little girls room consider a fairy tale Arabian palace with plenty of bright colored tasseled pillows on the floor and gauzy scarves hanging along the ceiling. To do the bed create a large round metallic crown over the center of it and use yards of gauzy fabrics hanging down as bed curtains from it.

For an adventurous little boy’s room you can use paper-mache to create a cave over the bed and a stripped bedcover with a few tassels sewn on will make an adorable magic carpet. While on one wall a large mural of Genie can hold court over an Aladdin picture and Jasmine.

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