The perfect workout. It’s intense, powerful. It’s the difference between putting in a good effort and TRYING hard… and actually sweating, grunting, straining your muscles beyond the point of exhaustion… and BREAKING the pain barrier!

It doesn’t matter where you exercise or what exercise you’re doing; when you finish the perfect workout you not only feel great… you finish with a spine tingling sense of fear and excitement at the prospect of doing it all again!

Sounds good doesn’t it?

Follow these 5 rules and make every workout, the perfect workout…

No. 1 – Your workout should be PLANNED
Drop the “try a bit of this and a little of that ” approach. Your workout should be a well defined mission, with a clear plan of which exercises you need to do, in which order and for how long.

No. 2 – Your workout should be INTENSE
Long, lazy rest periods kill fitness gains. Your workout might be squeezed into 20 minutes… but you’ll achieve more in those 20 minutes than most gym goers achieve in a month.

No. 3 – Your workout should be CHALLENGING
No more going through the motions. Your workout needs to challenge your body, your mind and your pain threshold… but you’ll soon learn how to face the fatigue and smash through it!

No. 4 – Your workout should be CONSISTENT
Forget overtraining on a Monday then wimping out for a week. Each workout should be like a vitamin pill – a compact, perfectly balanced mix of exercises delivered to the body daily.

No. 5 – Your workout should be PROGRESSIVE
Average workouts deliver average fitness gains. The perfect workout brings unrelenting fitness gains as it adapts, adjusts and progresses to ensure you keep challenging your body.

Putting it all together… Start planning your workouts, keeping them intense and challenging – but consistent! – with regular adjustments to ensure progressive fitness gains.

Liam Taylor, –
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