Women always want to stay at par with the changing fashion trend and maintaining a beautified body. This image of beauty can be tormented by unwanted facial hair growth. This unwanted facial hair growth amongst women is more common than you think. But thanks to Vaniqa you do not have to worry about unwanted facial growth any longer. Vaniqa cream is a clinically proven prescription drug, which can facilitate to remove unwanted facial hair among women. Vaniqa should not be mistaken as an alternative to hair removal methods. It rather compliments s these hair removal methods by retarding the growth of unwanted facial hair.

A thin coat of Vaniqa cream should be applied on the affected areas twice a day. It is advisable to cleanse your face prior to Vaniqa application. Vaniqa works at the source of unwanted facial hair growth among women. It blocks the enzyme responsible for hair growth. Thus, helps in removal of unwanted hair growth.

Do not use Vaniqa in case you are allergic to any of its ingredients. Children below the age group of 12 years, expectant women, women planning to become pregnant, and breast-feeding mothers should avoid use of Vaniqa cream. Prior consultation with a doctor is recommended before using Vaniqa medication.

Side-effects of Vaniqa usage comprise of mild and temporary skin irritation such as rash redness, stinging, burning and acne. Seek immediate medical attention if you experience any of these side-effects for a prolonged period.

Vaniqa is a FDA prescription cream, which can be used as a part of you daily skin care schedule conveniently. Subsequent to application of Vaniqa wait for it to dry, and then continue with usage of sunscreens, moisturizers or cosmetics. it should be noted that the treated area ought not to washed 4 hours after application.

Buying Vaniqa has become an easy task with the emergence of online pharmacies. You can buy Vaniqa by means of online pharmacies which would provide you with convenience and cost effectiveness. An online order of Vaniqa can equip you with the comfort of placing your order at comfort of your home.

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