When you jump on your computer to search for pictures of tattoos, what do you see? Are you clicking through bundles of generic, cookie cutter images, or are you lucky enough to find the websites that post good, high quality art? The truth is that most will end up seeing the generic stuff, which is why I want to share the quick solution to it.

What’s the actual point of looking through pictures of tattoos if all you see are the same plain designs all the time? It’s enough to make a lot of people give up on getting ideas and getting opinions about various kinds of artwork. You can stop all of this in its tracks, though. The major reason why people continue to see galleries filled with cookie cutter junk is because of their constant use of search engines. In this day and age, it’s just a terrible way to find pictures of tattoos. Unless you like seeing twelve year old generic designs of course.

You should forget about using engines as you main source of finding artwork. Instead, the better way (by far) is to hang close to forums. Always stick by the large ones if you can, because it’s the perfect place to find loads of inside information about tattoo artwork in one location. If you want to find galleries that are posting fresh, original pictures of tattoos, you need to go directly to the archive section. It’s all you need.

You jump in there and take a look through some of the hundreds of tattoo related topics they are sure to have. Tattoo art is luckily one of the bigger subjects in most general forums. Scanning some of them will give you all the info you need, because tattoo enthusiasts from all walks of life have shared and told others about the wonderful galleries they’ve found recently. These quality, hidden sites that have pictures of tattoos never come up in those random search results. This is the trick to finding them.

Take the easy route to better pictures of tattoos, because nobody wants to fall asleep clicking through pages of generic junk.

Here are the 3 largest, most original websites to find all the great Pictures of Tattoos.