Hypnosis as a therapy has been recognized over the decades for the manner and way in which it can help a person direct his or her subconscious along a desired path. It can also direct the mind to work on the body in effective ways, some of which have only recently been discovered. The question then, is, can hypnosis for hair growth work?

On one level, it seems preposterous that hypnosis can have an effect on scalp hair and even encourage its growth. After all, in a true hypnotic situation, no person can be made to do what he or she wouldn’t normally do while fully conscious. But there’s a recognized mind-body link that can manifest itself, and which almost every medical professional swears exists.

This, then, is where hypnosis to encourage hair growth – or to discourage hair loss – may actually have some benefit. Think of things like this: Most of what our body does is at the autonomic or unconscious level. We breathe in and out, and our hearts beat constantly and consistently with no conscious action taken on our parts. They just do these things as a result of complex series of interactions.

Why shouldn’t that also be the case with hair growth, for the most part? Working closely with a hypnotherapist, over a period of time, may lead to the mind encouraging (on a subconscious level) the body to regulate its hair growth mechanisms along an actual growth path. The body, under direction from the brain, can make subtle changes in the ways in which nutrients and hormones are delivered to a hair follicle or scalp, for instance.

Hypnosis isn’t a universal cure-all for everything under the sun. But it’s at least intriguing that the therapy can be a way to enhance yet another example a mind and body connection which is probably already there, but which also needs a gentle push to get going. And hypnosis for hair growth might be able to do that.

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