Let’s face it, it’s no fun having dry itchy skin!

It’s a common problem that may be caused by a number of diverse factors.

 – Genetics.

 – Age.

 – Contact with harsh chemicals.

 – Low Humidity.

 – Bathing.

Some of these factors cannot be avoided, but there are things you can do to help the situation.

Since winter is often the worse time for this condition, extra precautions should be taken during that time. Use milder soaps and avoid bath scrubs when bathing. It may be tempting to linger in the bathtub, but excessive bathing can make things worse.

This dry itchy skin dilemma has resulted in a flood of moisturizing products on the market.

But are they any good?

What sets one product apart from another?

Did you know that many of these creams contain harmful chemicals?

Some products may claim to be “all natural,” but in reality have been contaminated with toxic compounds during the manufacturing process. These chemicals have been proven to cause severe skin irritations and even cancer.

Just reading the ingredient list on the back of some tubs and jars, you might be surprised. It is important that you educate yourself about particular ingredients.

For example, many creams and lotions simply contain the ingredient, “fragrance.”

Well, the term “fragrance” can refer to over 4,000 different ingredients. Some of the more common fragrances have been known to cause depression, irritability, hyperactivity, cancer, and negatively affect the central nervous system.

Mineral oil is another commonly used ingredient in dry skin care that many people might think is harmless. Mineral oil or paraffin is actually a petroleum by-product that is designed to keep moisture inside the epidermis by creating a thick coat on the surface. In actuality, this clogs the pores and makes it impossible to get rid of harmful toxins.  This also strips away the natural oils causing an uncomfortable dehydration, that can lead to acne.

Dioxane is also to be avoided.

High concentrations of this ingredient are easily absorbed  and have been known to cause cancer. Other possible problems that could come from Dioxane are respiratory, kidney, or neurological disorders.

The key is to find products that don’t just claim it but that actually are all natural.

Look for high concentrations of the following ingredients: 

Cynergy TK , Phytessence Wakame, Coenzyme Q10 and Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10.

Cynergy TK is an exciting cutting edge ingredient that causes collagen to regrow, improves moisture retention, and increases suppleness.

Phytessence Wakame blocks harmful enzymes in the body and breaks down hyalurondaise, which can cause dry itchy skin.

Coenzyme Q10  is great for repairing free radical damage, leading to a more even, creamy appearance.

But Nano-Lipobelle H-Q10 penetrates even more deeply  to stimulate a glowing, healthy complexion. 

Make no mistake about it, when you put all these dry skin care ingredients together, it makes a powerful combination that will give you moist, healthy and beautiful skin.

Lee Leader is a life long advocate of healthy living and researcher of dry skin care.