With pollution, intoxicants and impurities so prevalent in our lives, more and more people are feeling the need for a complete diet change to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Herbal living by consuming whole foods in our daily diet is the focal point for parents of teenagers, medical practitioners as well as health organizations.

Since the birth of civilization, human beings relied on herbal living for a nutritious diet and medicinal properties. But since the last few decades, herbal living with wholesome foods have taken a back seat due to upcoming patent medicines and attractive food packages.

During manufacture, processed foods lose many healthy nutrients and fiber, needed for a healthy body. Yet, to enrich the product before marketing, it is artificially injected with nutrients, making the product ready for sale. As a result, we get a richly processed product bereft of its natural value. The chemicals injected later, lay the foundation for diseases which may erupt slowly within the body.

The excessive salt and sugar content in the processed foods add to calories in the body and finally obesity. However, if one is a bit aware and focuses on consuming the natural fiber in fruits, grains and vegetables, it can help you maintain a well-balanced weight.

On the other hand, whole foods like a clove of garlic, an apple or a tomato, contain rich nutritional values, which simply cannot be replaced by any supplement made by man or machine. Being more complete and powerful in their effects, whole foods are rich in fiber, unlike refined foods, which have only short-term benefits. Whole foods help to detoxify the body, steer our lives towards a healthy lifestyle by functioning the bowels  and digestive system smoothly.

Being much more economical than fancy processed foods, whole foods are easily affordable and available everywhere. They can be called the common person’s and the food of the elite, alike.

As compared to artificially manufactured food products, whole foods do not contain harmful chemicals which may give birth to terminal diseases like cancer, CVD (cardiovascular disease), arthritis and diabetes, to mention a few. Complete with fiber, numerous vitamins and countless minerals, whole foods contain antioxidants like phytochemicals, which help fight deadly diseases. Whole grains, legumes, organically grown fruits and vegetables rejuvenate energy levels within the body, postponing the aging process, considerably.

Often whole foods are related to green vegetables, fresh fruits and juices but eating fresh chicken breasts would any day be more beneficial than heavily processed non-vegetarian products.

A research conducted by the Agricultural research service at Tufts University concludes that inculcating a healthy lifestyle leads to having a healthy pair of eyes, totally free from cataracts and impaired vision.

Simple, healthy, affordable and rich in value, is the essence of whole foods. No supplements, capsules, health powders or wide array of processed foods can replace the nutritional value of organic whole foods, which can enrich our lives.

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