As the old saying goes, if stomach is clear then no disease can even touch you. And this is true as the stomach is the root cause of all diseases and if it is fine or if somehow you can keep it fine, you are for sure, going to live a healthy life. But the root problem with today’s lifestyle is that we either do not want to give enough time to our health or we do not have simply enough time to give it a go. So we simply ignore the simplest of the things and the repercussions, they are so tough that we end up at doctor’s appointments and that story goes on as one disease lead to another and a visit to a doctor becomes a ritual.

Our liver is the root of all diseases and the reason for it lies in our lifestyle and food and drink habits. Late nights, junk food, not suffice intake of water leads to various intestine diseases like IBS or irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulitis, acid reflux and many others. And all this starts with a very simple thing, just ignoring the daily routine or making bad food or work habits and a non regular bowel movement.

Though all these diseases are different in nature and have different impacts on our health, most of them have some common symptoms. The symptoms of diverticulitis are nausea, vomit and abdominal pain. The symptoms of IBD are loss of appetite, diarrhea, weight loss and anemia. Acid reflux symptoms include heart burn, sourness and acidic pain. They start as a simple and single problem but the consequences are disastrous and may have bad impact on the health of a person.

Now a day, cure for all the liver and intestine related diseases is possible but the problem is with the cure itself. First, they do not actually cure the disease, they simply cure the symptoms and with the time passing the disease reappears, and second the medications are good but they may have side effects as well and most of them do.

So, is there a permanent solution or not? Why not? There is. And that is the cheapest too. Yes, the natural and herbal cures have always been the best cures fro two reasons. One, they have long lasting results, and two; they don’t have any side effects until and unless you are allergic to a particular herb.

The natural and herbal remedies for all liver and intestine diseases are just the things we find in our kitchen. They are peppermint, chamomile, caraway, ginger, olive oil, etc. More importantly one should do daily exercise and should drink as much water as possible. It helps the stools in being smooth and the discharge of waste become quite easy and without making any harm to intestine and its walls.

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