In the Electrical and Electronic industry, the every growing technology has made it difficult for the electronic designers to be prepared to face the challenges of keeping abreast with the technologies. The rising trend of small packages like mobile phones and hand held computers have also laid pressure on the electronic component manufacturer to develop lower cost, smaller size and higher performance levels in the passive components.

With regard to this, a huge pressure is exerted on the component designers to change the structure of the Multi layer Ceramics in the EMI filter segment to achieve Insertion Loss performance levels

similar to those of panel mounted devices.

EMI filters are created with the method of combining capacitors and Inductors by using the different impedance characteristics to selectively decrease the receiving of unwanted signals. The Multilayer Ceramic Filters includes Multilayer Capacitor or the Ceramic Chips. These are one of the most popular and commonly used chips in the worldwide capacitors industry.

As per statistics, roughly more than 200 billion chips are produced annually, that means that at an average, 40 pieces of chips per human being are manufactured annually. Some of the reasons for their popularity have been mentioned below.

1.They are used for almost all the electronic hardware as they are compatible with the widest range of working voltages and capacitance values.

2.They claim to be the lightest as well as the smallest capacitor in terms of weight and size and their enjoy a greater volume than any other capacitor as far as their voltage configuration is concerned.

3.These Multilayer Ceramic Chips boasts of being the most reliable capacitors in the electrical and electronic components industry. Their decimal places of a F.I.T prove this fact.

4.The format on which they are manufactured are very well suited for Surface Mount applications. This means that there are no hidden costs as far as leads and encapsulation related to packaging is concerned.

5.The availability of these capacitors form a large number of manufacturers is an added bonus. These capacitors are also available at a short lead time and are also veer economical.

Multilayer Ceramics are typically characterized as per their specification. There are 3 of them namely – C0G (± 30 parts per million per 55 degree centigrade), X7R (± 15 % of -55 degrees to +1q25 degrees centigrade) and Y5V (+22% -82%, -30 C to +85 degrees C).

The Multilayer Technology in the Ceramic Capacitor Technology is known to be the most affordable among all the multilayer types and are used widely in the Filter applications.

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