Biotin hair growth supplements are an effective and easy solution to your hair fall problems. Biotin encourages your scalp follicles by supplying essential nutrients that are used in the construction of hair. There are many reasons why we lose our hair its not just genetics to blame. Unbalance in hormone levels can lead to hair loss and this could be affected by nutrient deficiencies.

For the maintenance of a healthy head and scalp biotin hair growth is necessary, and can be used as a topical product or taken as a supplement. Biotin which is also well-known as vitamin B-complex or B7 plays an important role in transforming food and stored body fat into energy that is necessary for the body. Since Biotin is soluble in water it makes it almost impossible to be accumulated in the body. To maintain a steady supply biotin needs to be obtained from our diets or supplements.

Egg yolks, sardines, shellfish, chicken, salmon, organ meats, cauliflower, mushrooms and bananas are rich sources of biotin. Although you may be consuming most of these foods regularly, you may not be taking in enough biotin to bring about an effective change necessary for rejuvenation of your hair.

The growth of hair can be guaranteed by taking in supplements that are natural, organic and herbal. Hair growth vitamins and minerals are formulated to replenish loss of nutrients and are proven to be an effective natural process. As biotin is an essential ingredient to assist hair growth many products now have a small amount added.

Because certain ingredients work better for men and women Saw Palmetto is more effective for men while Horsetail Silica is more suited to women when choosing supplements. Hormone levels are balanced using these gender explained ingredients.

Other forms of such products include herbal shampoos and hair tonics formulated specifically to promote healthy growth of hair by stimulating the scalp. To get the full benefits of these products applying directly to the scalp will see healthier thicker hair.

Using different hair growth products simultaneously may be beneficial. To obtain the fullest potential of biotin using topical products externally while taking oral supplements will produce the best results. Being a water-soluble vitamin excessive amounts are unlikely to be stored in the body as it will be passed via your urine.

These vitamins and products are easily available in the market at local health food stores or online. To ensure that you have a decent product look for natural 100% organic ingredients that have been clinically proven and tested. Using a good hair re-growth product on thinning hair as soon as you notice the problem could stop permanent baldness and reverse the situation.

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