What is the best way to buy skin care products?

Well, there are two factors to consider when buying products for your skin: cost and purpose. The first factor is cost. Many cosmetics companies that sell their products in large department stores actually use the same manufacturers for their products, and simply change the marketing strategy, packaging, color and fragrance to differentiate their products from the others. For those who can afford it, trial and error may locate a skin care product that achieves better results than a lower-cost version. However, many products available in grocery stores, local retail stores and drug stores may suffice for a person’s needs.

The second factor is purpose. There are many different types products for you skin. Some are designed to cleanse the skin, while others are designed to protect, moisturize, exfoliate, soothe, tint, tighten, soften, heal or clarify the skin. It may not be necessary to purchase a product that does numerous things when only one is necessary. This is especially true if the purchaser has sensitive skin, since some additives, such as alpha-hydroxy acids, may cause a rash. Thus, once a purpose for the product is determined, the ingredients of a skin care product should be examined.

The recommendation of a dermatologist or general practitioner may be needed in some instances, but in most cases, a purchaser can determine what the purpose of the skin care product is fairly easily. Generally, a purchaser should assess his or her skin condition. Is it dry? Oily? Is acne a problem? Do detergents or fragrances worn on or near the skin cause rashes, itchiness, hives or swelling? Should the product contain a sunscreen? Each person’s skin care needs are different. However, regardless of one’s budget, there are skin care products available to treat most skin needs.

A quick assessment of what functions the product should perform will go a long way in helping to narrow down the choices to an appropriate product.

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