As a homeowner you are bound to follow some rules and regulations in your community. Homeowners association rules, or commonly known as HOA rules, are set by developers which compose of co-operative group of residents living in the particular community. The HOA consist of covenants, conditions and restrictions to guarantee safety of the home owners’ interests. Basically, these rules are for the benefit of everyone.

But not all laws are acceptable for homeowners. Although there are some who strictly comply with them, but there are tenants consider some regulations unfavorable to them. But then, as a resident you still need to follow the HOA rules whether you agree or disagree with them.

If you happen to be one of the residents who do not appreciate the essence of having HOA rules, you might want to go over these factors to justify the importance of such regulations.

• When you own a house, you consider this as your most valuable possession. You have invested almost all of your savings and waited for a long time before you can enjoy living in it. It is apparent that you have to take care of your house. And one of this is to know the CCRs, bylaws and financial statements of HOA. You have to study them carefully and know the dos and don’ts of your community. Remember you spent a big amount of money in acquiring your property; you deserve to have a good and safety environment. By studying the HOA rules, you will know if you bought your property at a fair price.

• HOA rules collect fees from homeowners. These charges will be used for their operations in the community. These include garbage disposal, parking arrangements and having a nice and clean recreation center. Some residents might think that the fees are additional expense for them, but those are intended to make their stay in the community as convenient as possible. You will not want to live in a place wherein your garbage is cluttered outside your house. Or it may sound terrible if your subdivision does not have any security at all. Hence, pay the fees. They are all for your own good.

• There are some HOA rules that restrict residents to live the lifestyle that they have been accustomed to. There are families that are pet lovers and thus they have several pets in their home. Most associations only allow one or two pets in every house. This rule may sound very depressing for them. They have even rules that limit the number of cars that will be parked along the driveway. By knowing the HOA rules you can evaluate if the community that you will be staying suits the kind of lifestyle you have. Of course, you will not opt for a place that will keep you from living your normal life.

• HOA rules stipulate specific fines if you happen to break any of them. In this manner, defiant residents will have the initiative to observe the conditions. You can use these fines as a lien on your property. In this way, you can prevent it from selling until you have paid all your dues.

These are just some of the importance of HOA rules. You can see more and understand them better if you have started to live in the community. It is recommended to read the HOA rules first before entering into the agreement. Bear in mind that these are set to maintain a peaceful and safe environment in the community.

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