One item that is specifically designed to fight this are Resveratrol anti-aging products.

What Is Stretch Marks

This is one problem that both men and women face. Another thing is that it only happens to adults and rarely in children. Pregnancy and weight gain are two factors that lead to our skin being stretched to a certain point for a long a time. The main places you will see this striations on skin are upper arms, belly, buttocks and thighs. Again, people with dark skin will show their stretch marks more prominently because striations are light in color. It may be a common problem, but stretch marks are really unsightly.

What Is Resveratrol

Resveratrol is a naturally occurring polyphenol. It is present in foods such as peanuts, berries, grapes and red wine. Resveratrol anti aging properties are well known; and it can help anything from heart conditions, cancers to weight loss and other age-related problems. This substance made its appearance in the market around 2006 and was marketed as dietary supplements that will help people to regain their youthful looks and also lose weight.

Relation Between Resveratrol And Stretch Marks

Resveratrol anti aging properties make it perfect to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and that is why manufacturers proclaim that it is perfect for reducing stretch marks. That is because it is loose skin that results in both these conditions. So if the aging process is slowed down, the skin cells can retain their youthful attributes of flexibility and firmness.

So they will be less susceptible to the damages of environmental pollution that lead to looseness and thinness. Resveratrol in cream form rapidly reduce the appearance of stretch marks and that is why renowned TV show hosts like Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters along with TV doctor Dr. Oz have endorsed this product. Researchers are always looking to find a better way to isolate and concentrate this compound, which does not have that much bioavailability and also on the ability of this substance to be taken up and used by the body.

How Effective Is Resveratrol On Stretch Marks

It will be the product that will determine how good the Resveratrol anti aging property will be for you. Many products with varied concentration as well as in different solutions are available in the market that has Resveratrol; you have to make an informed choice.

Is There Any Contraindications?

Resveratrol is one compound that rarely shows any contraindications as it is found in foods in very low amount. But sometime the other ingredients in a Resveratrol anti aging product may not suit you; so check the labels of the supplements and creams thoroughly for any product that have a history of causing allergies or reactions in you.


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