Most of us might think that lemon juice is just an ingredient to a very good refreshment drink but what we do not know is that it is also used as a superb natural therapy for scars. Lemon juice is exceptionally good in scar treatment since it’s part of the Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) groups that dismisses the dead skin cells to allow the growth of new cells and help skin become more elastic.

The idea behind lemon juice being used as a natural therapy for scars is because it bleaches the skin to help lighten the scar’s appearance. It is best if it will be used on a new wound so that the healing process will be faster, thus avoiding bad-looking scars. It can help replace the old dead skin cells with new ones to achieve the scar -ree look we are all aiming for.

To start this natural therapy for scars using lemon juice, we just need fresh cut lemons from the fridge. It is best to apply it on the affected area while it’s cold to have a refreshing feeling. Gently massage the lemon on the scar in a circular motion to allow the juice to go through the skin layers. Another way of doing is just by dabbing a piece of clean cotton to the lemon juice and apply it directly to the scar. Let it dry for about 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water. 

Extra caution should be done though for those who have sensitive skin. Since it’s an acid it could result in stinging and sometimes skin irritation. It would be best to try it first on your inner arm; if no skin irritation occurs, then there’s no stopping this most refreshing way to remove scars.

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