Dry skin, especially occurring on the arms, hands, and lower legs, is known as a common skin condition which features abnormal or excessive dryness of skin. Besides, the dry skin has an influence on males and females equally, whereas older people are likely to be more affected by dry skin or the lack of amounts of natural skin oils and lubricants. However, dry skin can be a serious illness if people are unaware of the problems and the symptoms. Let’s review the following main causes which lead to dry skin of human beings:



One of the most serious problems people get down with dry skin comes from their soap because soap can wipe away the skin\’s protective oils with an excessive amount of soap. For example, if you wash your hands with lots of soap, your skin is at high risk of cracking and bleeding, making infection much more likely. Thus, it is important to choose the best kind of soap suitable for each type of skin. More specifically, for dry skin care, milder, “fragrance-free” soaps are of the best choice. Meanwhile, for dry skin, the best choice is a mild skin cleanser rather than soap.


Soap is one of the main factors affecting the dry skin problem


Medical Conditions

Dry skin can be resulted from the external factor, especially the medical conditions. Thus, some of medications that can cause skin problems stem from skin conditions, like eczema and psoriasis, diabetes, hypothyroidism, and malnutrition. In addition, other diseases including both minor and serious ones can result in the dry skin problems. As a result, the best way to cure the dry skin varies the illness, and asking doctors’ advice is of great choice as getting with the skin problems.


Caring your leg skin is very essential thanks to herbal treatment


Medications and Drugs

Medications and drugs are also to blame for drying out the skin as they consist of drugs for high blood pressure like diuretics or acne and other skin conditions like retinoids. Hence, whenever you see any spots of a dry skin problem after using a medication, you need to meet your doctor who can help you by changing the dose or the medication.


Light therapy is a very effective treatment for acne, one of causes of dry skin


Itchy Clothing

Dry skin is particularly sensitive to contact irritants, so exposing skin to uncomfortable clothing can turn your skin drier and itchier. Besides, if your skin becomes irritated, you had better use detergents without perfumes along with dyes. One more thing, according to the experts, it is the best alternative for consumers to use clothes made of cotton material.


Cotton clothing seems to be the wise option to fight against the dry skin phenomenon


Misusing Moisturizer

play a crucial role in caring dry skin, but lots of people misunderstand how much moisturizer they should use. The biggest mistake made is to use moisturizer on dry skin as it is less likely to help. More importantly, the right type of moisturizer is of great importance for dry skin. Hence, dry skin should get mild moisturizers without perfumes or alcohols. Additionally, the moisturizer had better be thick and greasy to seal in the moisture required for good dry skin care. The best way to test moisturizer is to put some of lotion in the palm of hand and flip hand over.


Choosing the right oily skin care depends on the severity of your skin’s oiliness



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