Organic products are making a huge difference in both the way people think about products, but also the planet as a whole. “Organic”, simply, means that no synthetic chemicals are put into products before or after manufacture. In the case of dog shampoos, this means that the shampoo contains no harsh chemicals that can actually make your dog itch and scratch more often.

Dogs are also more prone to irritants than humans are, so when dogs scratch they can rip out hair follicles, dead skin and invading bodies (such as fleas, knits, and other undesirables) which end up directly where they are scratching, i.e. your carpet, bed, furniture, etc. Organic shampoos offer a gentler alternative and they are better for flushing down the drain since they contain no synthetic chemicals or additives. Organic shampoos break down easier in water and are milder on the environment than their synthetic counterparts.

Another great side effect of organic dog shampoos is that the manufacturer must make sure the product is tested cruelty-free. When synthetic manufacturers test their products, they may use actual dogs in the process which can end up more like a bad science experiment gone awry than a testing of a skin product. Like humans, dogs are different some dogs can have harsh reactions to the chemicals in synthetic shampoos  such as irritation, rash, chemical poisoning, problems breathing and hives. You have heard stories of children having allergic reactions to chemicals in laundry detergent? It is pretty much the same scenario for dogs. Plus, don’t forget their skin is more sensitive than a human’s and so the reactions can be more severe than in their human counterparts.

Now, don’t be fooled, just because a dog shampoo claims it is “organic” doesn’t mean it really is. The guidelines for pet products can be relatively loose when compared to products for human consumption so make  sure you check the label for any synthetic chemicals. If there are more chemical-based ingredients in the shampoo, put it back. If there is any doubt in your mind, do a little research of your own and check out the manufacturer. While you are at it, make sure the product has been tested cruelty-free, has no side effects and make sure it contains no chemicals, dyes or irritants.

Some manufacturers can get away with claiming their products are “organic” when the ingredients are grown with the use of pesticides, fertilizers and harsh insecticides. These chemicals can leave a residue on the ingredients even after washing thoroughly. Also, watch your pet for any signs of suspicious activities such as excessive scratching, lethargy or sickness. These can be signs that your pet is having an allergic reaction to the shampoo you are using. The best way to ensure your pet is not going to have any negative side effects is to simply do some research on the product. You may have to find out how the ingredients were grown.

Another positive to using organic dog products, such as shampoo, is the conservation efforts for the planet. Using organic products ensures there will be no adverse side-effects to the planet as the ingredients break down easier. Some synthetic product ingredient break down (AKA half-life) at rates in the decades.  With the conscientious effort to preserve the planet, little shifts in behavior such as switching to organic based dog shampoo can make a big difference.


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