Let’s face it. No matter how hard the major cosmetics companies try to promote their formulas as the top skin care products on the market, it will never be close to true until they change their ways. Although they proclaim their formulas to be healthy for you, and effective in treating your skin, they are neither of those things. They are simply not quality products however you cut it.

The only reason that these companies sell as many products as they do is because people recognize and trust their names. In many cases multiple generations of families have all relied on specific brands to give them the results that they need. Mediocrity has become such a normal state for these companies that many loyal customers do not realize that they should expect more.

The formulas that they develop cannot qualify as the top skin care products, because they do not contain the ingredients that they need in order to produce effective change. Despite making billions of dollars every single year, the major corporations fail to put anything of real substance back into their products. The ingredients that they use are not helpful to you at all.

The fact is that many of the compounds that are most commonly used by the industry could have a dire effect on your health. This is because what you are primarily absorbing into your skin are toxic chemical agents. These agents have been connected to some very serious illnesses, and the use of products that contain them should be carefully avoided.

People that use these chemical laden self proclaimed top skin care products do not see that whatever is put on the skin is soon absorbed into the body. Once the toxic agents present find their way into your bloodstream, it all begins. These chemical agents then begin to build up in the soft tissue throughout your body, and when enough is collected you may reap the sorrow that these products have brought others.

In order to avoid having to go through ailments such as cancer, or neurological disorders it is important for you to only put on your skin formulas that contain only all natural ingredients. the best choice of compounds for your skin are plant based, as these contain properties that allow them to work for more effectively in treating your skin than any other known substance.

These are the compounds that will go into what can truly be thought of as the top skin care products. In order to heal your skin you need the perfect combination of oils, waxes, extracts, proteins, and enzymes, all specifically chosen for the particular effect that they have on the skin, and for the way that they interact with each other. Each ingredient should compliment the next in some way.

So there you have it. Forget about those products so heavily advertised as being the top skin care products, because they are of no use to you. All natural compounds are what it is that you need, both for safety’s sake, and to receive results that are simply staggering.

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