What are parabens and why is there a growing movement by consumers of personal, beauty, cosmetics and skin care products towards paraben free skin care products and other products? Parabens are class of chemicals used as preservatives in many personal care products including shampoos, shaving creams, moisturizers and skin care products, cosmetics and much much more. Chances are if you look on the label of skin care products you have in your home right now you’ll find them listed.

They are extremely effective as anti bacterial and anti fungicidal agents, hence their use. They have been used as preservatives for many years.

But there is now some questioning of the safety of using parabens in our personal products that are applied right onto our skin. Why?

When you apply parabens to your skin they enter the skin almost immediately and can be found in your blood soon afterwards. This of itself doesn’t make them dangerous, but is pretty scary.

Studies have linked the use of parabens to breast cancer, and have also suggested that they can have a weak hormonal effect on the body. They have been linked to skin rashes and reactions and some other cancers.

But like all of these things none of this is conclusively proven. It’s a tough question of when something is really proven. And the big companies argue tooth and nail that parabens are safe, and we needn’t worry.

Regardless many people now are worried and are looking for good paraben free skin care products and paraben free products in general, like cosmetics, shampoos and so on.

After all, if there is some doubt about something why use it?

Why use it indeed. There are other more natural preservatives available that work well, so why do the big companies still use parabens? It’s all about profit. Parabens are much cheaper than the more natural alternatives.

So whilst there are no conclusive formal studies that prove their risk, there are many people who prefer not to wait, and are using parabens free products already. There are excellent options available for parabens free skin care products and cosmetics that work exceptionally well and have only safe ingredients.

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