A supple skin is always hydrated. The body produces sebum in healthy quantity to help the body’s upper layered skin to retain water. This oily substance comprises of fatty acids, starch, wax and other natural compounds and forms as a barrier for the evaporation of water. Absence or loess of sebum forces the skin to dry up. With climate changes, the ability of sebum is pushed to its limits because the skin evaporates more water. The skin looks aged and not healthy when it is dry. There are various remedies for dry skin that are effective in their own ways. Some of the ways may be helpful for some people but not for everyone.

Drying of the skin can happen at any age. Even if you have never experienced it before, it may still happen to you anytime. Over exposure to sun is one probable cause for the abnormal drying of the skin. The aged people have dry skin because of the decreased sebum production in the body. Harsh chemicals in soaps and shampoos have their own bad effects on the skin. People who bathe several times in a single day with these harsh chemicals are more prone to dry skins. Going natural is the best way to beat this up. Some precious infections and allergies also contribute to drying of the skin. Many acne products have dry skin as their side effects. The skin becomes flaky and a bit wrinkled before it should. The condition of the skin can easily be worsened in winters.

If a person takes care, the results can be seen within the first or second week itself. Improper care of the skin can lead it to become thick and it may even result in bleeding and cracking. In fact, dry skin works as one of the facilitators for numerous skin infections. Follow the below-mentioned tips to eliminate dryness once and for all.

-Shower immediately after you sweat.
-Do shower daily but try to restrict it to a single time only. Use lukewarm water and use soap with high fat concentration. Avoid scrubbing and do not bathe for more than 15 minutes.
-After you take your bath, apply a moisturizer on wet skin. Creams work well for sealing the water inside the skin.
-Try wearing protective clothes whenever you go out. If you can not wear those clothes, make sure you apply ample quality of sunscreen on the open skin.
-While swimming, apply a thin layer of petroleum gel before entering the pool.
-During winters, use humidifiers to improve the humidity level of the body.
-Apply moisturizers even when you are indoors. It helps the body to stay supple all the time.

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