HOA is abbreviation for Home Owners Association. If you are planning to settle down in a cozy home which is part of a development then you should be aware of the important HOA rules. These rules mainly govern various factors related to living as part of the development.

Home Owners Association as the name suggests is by the owners and for the owners. However it was not conceptualized by the owners who bought homes in the development but rather by the developer who initially designed the development. This was done keeping in mind the wellness of the neighborhood in the long run.

Some of the key rules which are part of the HOA and common to most HOAs are:

• Restriction on making any modification to the external structure of the house lest it might disturb the uniform appearance of the development
• Rules pertaining to pets like whether they are allowed if so are there any issues with regard to number of pets or types of pets
• Restriction on number of parking space available for each resident
• Rules related to maintenance of the surroundings like landscape gardens, swimming pools, common areas, garbage clearance, children play areas, club houses, etc.
• Restriction on renting out homes

As already mentioned these are some of the common HOA rules but they are not the only rules. Different associations will have their own guidelines formulated as per their needs. For example some associations may discourage kids running around in the neatly maintained lawns and restrict their activity to the kids play area. Also this is not just about the rules mentioned on paper, you need to even pay a nominal charge towards the association expenses.

All this may sound pretty disappointing for those who are planning to purchase a house in one such development. But if you see the greener side then there are many benefits attached to these HOA rules. It is these guidelines which help in maintaining a discipline in a community. Although some may feel deprived of their independence living in such environment it has been formulated for the well being of the residents.

Such rules generally helps in keeping the development trouble free since people of varied characters live in the neighborhood like some may prefer total cleanliness of their surroundings whereas some may not bother to look around. Otherwise innumerable fights, disagreements and tantrums might be a common sight. There is no point of going against the rules since there is very little chance of ignoring them and living peacefully in the neighborhood.

HOA rules cannot be taken for granted since they are approved and powered by the Law. Hence breaking these rules or not abiding by its terms will cost dearly for the culprits. Before moving into the development it is always better to thoroughly go through the HOA rules and regulations and also talk to concerned people to clear any queries. Once you feel that you can stick by these guidelines and help in making the neighborhood a pleasant place to live, only then make the decision of settling in any of these developments.

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