Excessive hair loss is a state that can affect anyone: man, woman or child and, in a society that emphasizes the importance of external appearance, is a major cause of personal anxiety (which often worsens the state) and social stigma.

Some loss of hair each day is totally natural as only about 90 percent of human hair is rising at the same time.


Hair follicles that are not in a growing stage are latent and these resting hairs shed daily to make method for new growth.

Everyone that suffers from hair loss undoubtedly wishes they could reverse the toll that aging has logically taken on their hair growth.

Many studies and surveys have shown that people that have a full or fractional head of hair feel more convinced in day-to-day life than those who have less than half a head of hair.

Causes of Hair Loss

There are many causes of scalp hair loss, and they do be different in men and women. This article will cover the widespread ones.

1.  Emotional strains, stresses and nervous disorders,
2.  Aging
3.  Infections
4.  Hormonal imbalance
5.  Polluted environment
6.  Toxic substances

Hair Loss Symptoms

Thinning of the whole head of hair is a symptom of hair loss that affects both men and women.

Both men and women may experience hair loss over the entire body, including hair loss that occurs on the armpits, legs and smooth the eyebrows.

Hair that is all the time shedding is another symptom of hair loss among both men and women. Although some or even a lot of this detaching may take place in the shower, it is common for it to take leave at any time during the day as well.

Hair Loss Treatment

This is only one aspect on the subject of hair loss treatment. The cumulative experience in society has lead to the false belief that hair loss is probably incurable and all remedies for hair loss treatment are a big scam. That again is not true.

The good news however is that all of these entity are generally amenable to hair loss treatment if you decide the remedy with care and prudence amongs available hair loss treatments.

Home Remedies for Hair Loss

1. Apply the white of a raw egg on the hair for 30 minutes, and then wash it off with a shampoo. A mixture of lemon juice and egg white could also be used to reinforce the roots of hair.

2. Massage the head with oil for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with a shampoo. A hot oil massage with olive oil will also help.

3. Apply a mixture of lemon juice and juice of amla to the scalp. This also helps control dandruff in the hair

4. Boil neem leaves in hose for an hour and let it cool. Wash the hair with this water. Alternately neem oil can be mixed with coconut oil and massaged where there is hair fall

5. The juice of fresh coriander can be massaged onto the scalp will reduce hair loss.

6. Ensure that you eat nutritious food, with plenty of leafy vegetables. Have a soya milk drink and multivitamin tablets if you do not have time to have a healthy breakfast.

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