Many women tend to experience dry skin during pregnancy. Even the women who have never experienced eczema fall prey to dryness. In more severe cases the ladies need something out of the box and other than the regular dry skin products. Some women prefer consulting a dermatologist if they have dry and itchy hands. In fact, a doctor is perhaps the best person to tell you about the relation of dry skin with pregnancy. If the lady has already experienced the problems related to eczema, it is more than probable that the nine months of pregnancy would surely have its effect on the skin’s smoothness.

It is not certain that the prescriptions and methods followed to eliminate the dryness would not allow the skin to dry during the second pregnancy. The medications are for the period of nine months only and do not guarantee the positive effects for the following pregnancies. During pregnancy, the body requires more water and other fluids. If the requisite amount is not met, the skin has to pay for it. The drying of the skin can be fought by drinking more water. The baby needs nutrition and so does your skin. Take baths with lukewarm water and avoid long baths with cold water.

It is important to take care while you are pregnant. Obviously, no mother wants any chemical near her baby. So use of chemicals to get rid of dry skin needs to be avoided at any cost. Because of this reason, the best way to have a soft skin during pregnancy is to go natural. There are different masks that can be made at home or purchased from market that are capable of doing the trick.

Egg Yolk- Egg yolks are rich in proteins, vitamin B12 and phosphorus. They are a very good source for providing water to the body because it is a combination of various fats and water. Just crack open an egg and separate the yolk from egg white. Put the yolk in a bowl and beat it. Use lukewarm water to cleanse your face and let the face dry on its own. With a little moisture on the face, apply the egg yolk and let it be there for about 15 minutes. Rinse your face again with some lukewarm water.

Olive Oil- Any oil is good for the skin because the oils seal water into the skin and restrict its evaporation. Olive oil is considered better because it is known to be rich in vitamin E and vitamin K. Both these vitamins are good for the skin. The olive oil also contains Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is beneficial for pregnant mothers, not only for the skin but for other reasons as well.


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