Hands eczema is a very irritating and embarrassing experience for many people. If you are suffering from this type of skin infection and if you are looking for the definite method to cure your eczema then you are in the right place. In case you want a natural and effective treatment that has no side-effects, then it would be a very good idea to try natural home remedies to cure eczema:

1. Use organic skin creams: Your hands can be very sensitive to inorganic skin creams and washing powder. This can cause your hands eczema to get in severe condition. To stop further skin itching and burning, you need to use organic creams and non-biological washing powders for your hands.

2. One of the best treatments for eczema is coconut oil. It makes your skin soft and supple and supplies missing ingredients. Often people avoid using oil for fear they will break out, but eczema is a dry skin condition that benefits from oil.

3. Eczema or dermatitis can be effectively cured or lessened by using neem oil. Although, using neem oil can’t eliminate the possibility of eczema completely, the anti inflammatory properties of neem provide relief to the skin. Also neem oil contains anti histamine that slows down skin infection. Neem oil can be used with lukewarm bath water and one can also use neem oil based soaps.

4. Take a bath in oatmeal and chamomile flowers. This will help to sooth and calm any redness and itching as both of these ingredients are known to soothe and heal a variety of skin conditions from chicken pox to sunburn. Grind the oatmeal in the blender before adding it to the bath so that you are literally soaking the affected area in oatmeal. Allow the chamomile flowers to steep in boiled water for 10 minutes before adding the water and the flowers to the bath.

5. Cotton clothes are best for your skin: The clothes made from wools, polyester and other man made materials can produce severe skin irritation and swelling. To avoid this skin itching, you must wear clothes made up of 100% cotton material. This will stop your skin scratching and minimize the skin irritation.

6. Oatmeal baths are used for chicken pox but they also are helpful for dermatitis. You can mix oatmeal and water to make a paste that you can apply to your skin. Do not scrub your skin as that would be be an irritant.

7. Apply aloe vera gel to the affected area. Make sure the gel is the pure pulp from an aloe vera plant. Aloe vera is used to treat a variety of skin conditions and is known for its ability to soothe inflammation, itching and burning, as well as heal wounds. The aloe vera should have a cooling effect and it should be easily absorbed by the skin.

8. There are various vitamins that are useful for curing eczema. So if you’re wondering how to treat eczema at home, then ensure that you include vitamin rich foods in your diet. Vitamin E has been known to be an effective natural treatment for curing eczema. Applying vitamin E oil on skin and including vitamin rich foods in diet is necessary to maintain a healthy skin. Even vitamin C is said to be effective immune booster and helps in skin care.

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