Taking a look a black hair care needs will always be necessary when trying to set up or address an intelligent way to manage hair as it is on African Americans or other black men and women. In reality, there is no difference between black hair and any other racial group’s hair. It’s composed of the same proteins and other substances. The difference lies in how those substances combine to create that hair.

Because these proteins, oils and other items form a different sort of “matrix” that ends up differently structured, black hair can be more susceptible to dryness and breakage of the individual strand. Hair experts and medical professionals have noted that hair from blacks can have up to twice the amount of what are called cuticle or outer layer strands.

Black hair can also be kinkier than hair of Caucasian or Asian racial groups, which unfortunately can lead to a condition where crucial oils secreted from the scalp fail to reach all the way to the ends of each strand of hair. Because of this and a few other reasons, there’s no one single fix for black hair, though that doesn’t mean there aren’t several general rules for caring for it.

To begin with, black hair needs to be treated as finely as possible. It’s more delicate than Caucasian hair and what works in straight hair of that type might not work with this sort of hair. Also, avoid overusing hair products that have mineral oils or petroleum such as Vaseline. They block scalp pores, which mean even less oil is able to make its way through the hair.

Hair care experts also recommend you massage your scalp on a regular basis to increase circulation and encourage oil production. Additionally, it’s also a good idea to apply something like shea butter, which is a fine natural oil to apply to a scalp. You have to keep in mind that your head is going to need a little extra assistance. Do these things and keep your hair moisturized and chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you see happening to your hair.

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