The appearance of a unique 3-layer-type resilient material technology was born in 2011 Nike launched in the spring NikeFuse innovative technology, and applied to many shoes, including the Lunar Haze +, Nike Air Max 2011 and the Nike Zoom Superfly. Nike Fuse technology is leather, mesh and TPU upper and other traditional materials, produced using a unique new way of materials. Three materials in a perfect blend of hot-melt technology to achieve unmatched light, strong, breathable and protective effect.

Nike Fuse as a new family of technology, Lunar Haze + include a light feeling, strong, breathable, and many feature upgrades. The new upper hot bonding process using innovative Nike Fuse technology, than the traditional stitching uppers made of more robust structures, but also more lightweight, comfort and support forces also re-upgrade. This technology ensures the wearer’s foot in the long campaign, the foot can still be comfortable support; also the case in the fast-running, but also experience the feeling light and flexible wearing.

Luna rHaze + midsole and outsole with the four-way extension of the surface of the bending groove design, so each step can run smooth and efficient. Fill the internal and external support for the use of wedge materials are designed to help correct over-valgus. Carbon rubber heel with BRS1000 to improve the degree of wear in the region. Soles concave on both sides cut parallel with the design of the cushions softer than other parts of the foam material, help to improve key parts of the impact force. Dynamic Support for dynamic support system to run runner’s gait and provide the most appropriate stage of its support. Lunarlon damping film contains the most flexibility and impact resistance Nike, the foam filler material. And support the role of filler material as a horizontal shock pad, the sole contact with the ground can absorb the impact when the force passed through the force, impact force quickly scattered.

Once again when the runners look forward to a combination of classic and innovative running shoes, Nike running Nike Air Max 2011 came into being. Nike Fuse technology into the upper material is the design of this new running shoes, the oblique cross-striped design, refreshing, and also increased its support body of the shoe and the breathability. Classic design Full-length shock absorption technology to maintain flexibility MaxAir also take into account the stability. Seamless combination of technology, which also gives the runner shoes, wearing light and comfortable feel.

Nike Air Max 2011 running shoe midsole and outsole with flex grooves designed to increase the boost power, so the pace is more flexible. The translucent rubber outsole is more hard wearing and provides good grip. Max Air cushion completely transparent so that cushioning technology glance. In the end between the gasket and the combined Max Air uses a thin cushion of TPU material, to provide comprehensive support after the full force and stability. All of them combined Max Air cushion soles to maximize shock absorption, so running more smooth, natural. In the end extended to the foot pads, effects and impact cushioning effect of the perfect combination to ensure the comfort and security.

Molded shoe design helps to reduce skidding shoes I make wearing more comfortable. EVA insole and the sole use of the same geometric lines of the design, perfectly fit the foot shape to provide comfortable foot support force. Wrap the whole foot recesses lined with mesh to enhance comfort and breathability, both sides of the groove to make it easier to wear.

Nike Zoom Superfly is the first technology used Nike Fuse spikes. Paste this shoe with forefoot to improve fit, comfort and strength of a sense of conversion, ultra-thin Phylon midsole provide a mild shock, the whole palm Pebax sole sprint spikes jack table and ensure the fast and grip.

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