During a week, many photographers all over the world have shot numerous impressive images about lovely animals and their actions that can help you experience different levels of emotional feeling. If you are dealing with the cold weather, a picture of two golden-haired monkeys hugging each other may make you feel warmer. If you love tiny animals, a photo of five baby bats taken care of may attract your attention. However, you will have a little bit thrills when seeing one zebra sticking its head into a car and flashing a toothy grin for the camera. Now, let\’s take a look at the following photos.


One hyena is catching a prey for his dinner through the caustic waters of Lake Nakuru, Kenya


A black-haired gorilla lives in the Virunga Mountain, Rwanda


A polar bear plays with a yellow crate when swimming at the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro


Matt Burrard-Lucas lies on the ground to capture meerkats’ images when one of them hops onto his head for a better view in the Kalahari Desert in Botswana


The picture captures a zebra sticking its head into a car and flashing a toothy grin for the camera at Pine Mountain Wild Animal Park in Georgia, US


Two golden-haired monkeys hug to keep warm at Shennongjia National Reserve, Hubei Province, China


A Mexican grey wolf was snarling at the Brookfield Zoo in Illinois


Five of the 130 baby bats have been received health care in Brisbane after they were rescued from the Queensland floods


When lemurs found a turtle blocking their path at Indianapolis Zoo in Indiana State, U.S., they were forced to jump over it. After some-minute-discussion, one bold primate bravely jumped over the slow-moving animal and followed by others




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