Blemish prone skin and acne tends to result from a build up of oil on the skin.  The body naturally produces its own oils to moisturize and protect our outer layer from drying out.  Known as the sebaceous gland, many people have an overstimulated gland which produces too much oil.

While commonly this is simply a genetic fluke, quite often our attempts to relieve oily skin will actually make it worse.  

While it stands to reason that the solution for oily skin would be to use products that will dry the skin, thereby reducing the oils, this action often makes it worse.  Since the sebaceous gland regulates the oil and moisture for skin, using products that dry out the skin can trigger the gland into producing yet even more oil.  Of-course, this makes your skin problems even worse!

In effect, dry skin works harder to rehydrate, creating more natural oils, which in turn create acne and blemishes.  When combating this type of skin problem, keeping things simple is the best defence.

Wash your face two to three times a day with a mild cleanser or natural soap.  Using hot water to wash your face and body will open the pores and allow for the removal of oil and dirt that can lead to acne and other blemishes.  Remember to rinse your skin with cold water when you’re done cleansing to close the pores.  Closed pores make it more difficult for dirt to find its way in.

Use a gentle moisturizer at least once a day, but preferably after each wash.  Applying a nourishing moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated, therefore your body won’t be induced to kick start oil production.  There are many lotions and creams specifically designed to treat oily skin while providing balanced moisture.  

High fat foods, such as deep fried fast food or pizza, will only serve to aggravate the problem.  A little in moderation might be alright, but if at all possible, sticking to healthy non-fatty foods is better for your overall health and your skin.

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