In order to make some extra money (once or on a regular basis), many people have chosen to sell the pictures they have taken. No matter if you are interested in making this a full or part-time job or simply want to make some quick cash, selling photos online is always an option.

But how do you start?

Well, there are quite a few ways to sell your pictures, but most people work with specialized websites, which act as marketplaces. These are the places where people willing either to sell meet those who want to buy.

The kind of money you can get for a single picture here may not seem that attractive (an average of $ 2.5, from my personal experience) but it certainly sums up when you sell a few hundred pictures. Another advantage is that you can still earn money from pictures you uploaded months ago. This is what makes specialized websites so popular.

Another thing you can try when you want to sell wildlife pictures is to post your offer on forums (like, etc.) and wait for buyers. The main advantage of this method is that you can sell your photos immediately, but the prices here are the lowest you can find.

Another option is to be contacted by interested people who are willing to pay you for a private photo-shoot. This is where the big money hide (you can get a few hundred dollars for an hour’s work), but it is also challenging to accomplish. But not impossible! The thing is that you need to have some experience in this field in order to show people what you are capable of and get hired.

But there is no reason to despair! When I first started off I had no experience and didn’t know anything about photography. All I had was a digital camera, so I started taking a few photos a week, submitted them to specialized websites, advertised on forums and managed to make an easy $ 300 in my first month (I sold a total of 100 — 120 pictures).

How much time would it take you to shoot 100 pictures? One hour? Two hours?

When it comes to complete


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