Most of the people are unsatisfied with the skin type they are born with. Many even wish to zip out the existing skin layer and zip in to a fresh and flawless skin. Unfortunately this is not possible, but we can make better whatever we have been blessed with. We can do skin care the most natural way and ensure glowing face and dazzling beauty.

To possess beautiful and healthy skin, people try a lot of things, but the best result comes out only after people start good and healthy food habits. Following are the easy to do tips and diet plan for people who want natural skin care:

* Drinking 8-12 liters of water per day gives the shining effect to skin and helps removing the toxins from body which otherwise snatch the natural lusture of the skin.

* Antioxidants, usually present in vegetables and fruits which possess a color like red, orange, green etc. Hence, seasonal fruits and lots of vegetables should be included in diet. Antioxidants help a lot in fighting against the wear-n-tear of skin owing to exposure to sunrays and pollutants. It also aids skin in getting rid of blemishes and marks.

* Food or health supplements rich in Proteins and Vitamins (C,E, B etc) should unavoidably be included in the daily diet, but in appropriate proportion.

* Carotene, found in carrots gives magical glow and fairness to skin. Therefore, eating lots of carrots could help people in getting beautiful skin.

* Eating lot of juicy, watery and fibrous fruits and vegetables. Fibers are very good for skin and easily found in most of vegetables and fruits, hence recommended as natural skin care tip.

* Soya protein has been used by ladies desirous of having flawless skin from an immemorial time.

* Flaxseeds and fish oils are one of the fastest result giving products. These can be taken through some nutritional health supplement or in the form of diet supplement.

Most of the above mentioned essential nutrients are found naturally in fruits and vegetables and can also be taken through some wellness product. One such health supplement is the Omega 3, rich in flaxseeds and fish oil. These are the easy and natural way to get better skin and can be easily followed by anybody.

Daisy Wilson is well known author and written articles on healthcare products, supplements, skin care products, omega3 oil, cardiac care, diabetes treatment, blood pressure control and many more services in India.