With the advent of social networking, many young mothers have dramatically increased the number of photos they take of their little tykes because it has become so easy to share them with friends and family members.

Now, most of these are shot with your standard digital camera during a cute moment with Mommy, but professional photos are still important. But how to get your little one ready for sitting for those pricier pictures? Let me give you some tips.

When your child is still in the infant stage, it is usually best to contact a photographer to come to you (or another designated environment in which photos will be taken). Children do not usually comprehend the instructions that come with sitting for pictures until they are close to a year. That doesn’t mean that a studio cannot yield priceless, adorable photos, but your child and you may feel more comfortable in your “natural habitat.”

Don’t forget to keep the season in mind. Sure, when the photo session is scheduled close to a holiday, that’s usually a no-brainer, but outfitting baby in season-appropriate colors and accessories will not only be attractive and vivid, it will also help you keep track of baby’s pictorial timeline as s/he gets older.

Don’t be restricted by upcoming holidays, however. As much as I love Christmas, I don’t devote all of my wintertime photographs to it. Crochet baby hats, beanies, or headbands, along with infant-sized parkas and snow boots are the perfect combination to inspire a winter wonderland staging.

If you decide to use the snowdrifts already existing outside (or the ones that will certainly be there in a month or two), make sure to keep your son or daughter comfortable. This means keeping a change of clothing handy, along with blankets and a warm bottle. Snow is fun, of course, but it IS winter, after all!

Make sure that there are some other identifiers of the timeframe in the array of photos. Many studios include the year in block numbers at customer request, so you may want to include that.

If you have a personal relationship with the photographer–if they’re a friend or family member–then you may want to ask them to teach you some tricks with photo editing software so that you can improve those pictures you do take yourself, which will naturally outnumber the professionals.

Overall, you and baby should just try to be relaxed and have fun. We all know the best pictures are when our little ones are smiling and/or laughing, so don’t stress about them being perfect–there will be plenty more opportunities!

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