We see women with vibrant and radiant skin everywhere we look. In magazines, on the street, on TV… Upon looking at our own skin in the mirror we may see just the opposite…dull looking flaky skin… You may be wondering how these women achieve such beautiful radiant skin…

Exfoliation has been a common beauty practice for thousands of years. By removing dead skin cells from the skins surface, radiant and more youthful looking skin is revealed. In it’s simplest terms, exfoliating is very similar to filing away a rough surface on a piece of wood with sandpaper. A piece of wood or a board may feel rough to the touch and look rough in appearance. After rubbing that same piece of wood with a piece of sandpaper, it becomes much softer to the touch and newer and fresher looking in appearance.

There are many products on the market that put the benefits of exfoliation at your fingertips. By rubbing the gritty products around on your skin you remove the dead skin cells and reveal the fresh skin underneath. However, some of these products contain things that are bad for your skin such as harsh chemicals. Those same harsh chemicals can cause problems with sensitive skin such as rashes or acne break outs.

One of my favorite things to use for exfoliation is a trick I learned from my grandmother and something that most of us have in our own kitchens. The ingredients, lemon juice and brown sugar, are good for your skin, and will leave it feeling super soft ~ you’ll feel like you’re living in the lap of luxury! It also works beautifully on all skin types…

I simply take a cotton pad and pour some lemon juice on it (just the lemon juice you buy at the grocery store). Then I put some brown sugar on the pad. Finally I pour a small amount of lemon juice on top of the brown sugar to moisten it a bit. Then I take the cotton pad and rub it all over my face and neck for about a minute or two. Make sure you are leaning over a sink when you do this, because some of the moistened brown sugar may fall off the cotton pad during the process. Once I’m finished rubbing it around, I carefully rinse the brown sugar and lemon juice off my face. It leaves my skin so soft and smooth. It is so refreshing and leaves me with a radiant more youthful appearance. I try to do this about 3 times a week.

The lemon juice acts as both an AHA and a BHA. The brown sugar contains Glycolic acid. So basically you are giving yourself an all natural mini-peel of sorts. Additionally, the sugar is also a humectant and draws moisture to the skin.

If you’ve never exfoliated before, be sure to give this a try! You’ll be amazed at the improvements it makes in your skin. If you have been exfoliating using one of the expensive chemical laden products available on the market, give your skin a break and try this recipe. Your skin will look gorgeous and you’ll save yourself some money.

Just make sure you use a good sunblock on your skin, as the lemon juice might cause photosensitivity to the sun and I wouldn’t want you to get a sunburn. A good sunblock should be a daily part of your skincare regime.

Tracey Rosenblath