You are out in a Nightclub with your buddies. You’ve yearned to see Friday evening since you were going to sleep on Sunday Night. Now its finally arrived and you’re very excited to be out with your pals again and also to meet that cousin of yours that you hate so much but since it’s Friday….why not let bygones be bygones?   Whilst chit-chatting with your buddies, you take notice of a very attractive lady standing across the room, so you advance towards her and a conversation blossoms.

You also realize she’s as smart as she’s attractive but soon after becoming smitten by her admirable qualities, she needlessly commences her addiction….taking pictures.  Now you find yourself exhausted and very much irritated by what Michelle or Stephanie (or whatever her name might be) is doing.  You see, one to three pictures is fine. There’s no need to take more. It’s still going to be you wearing the black dress in picture 35, as it was in picture 4.

NOTHING changes in the picture….NOTHING. What are women expecting to look different in picture 36, a better looking dress? It’s befuddling…I don’t get it. It’s very wise to take a few pictures (between 2-5), while trying to create a perfect reflection of that perfect moment.

However, women have been known to take countless pictures with their expensive Cameras at every event.   Why is this the case? It’s pretty logical to surmise that since women naturally seek validation in all avenues of their existences, they would be more inclined to take more pictures; a visual confirmation of their outer beauty, over and over and over again.

On the other hand, Men attend these social gatherings just to have a couple of beers whilst blabbering about recent sport events. We don’t need to take that many pictures, that’s what your girlfriends are there for.

Women take pictures because a picture will always say “You’re beautiful” when they really want to hear those words.   Since they can’t always rely on their husbands or boyfriends to do so, especially when their favorite team is down by 2 points in the fourth quarter with 5 seconds left in the game.

Don’t they know that an unhealthy addiction to Youth and Beauty, only leads to tragedy like the awful fate-deciding wishes of Mr. Gray?

Spio Garbrah studied Pyschology and Philosophy in City College of New York. Right after graduating with honors, he begun work on building a website, which would become his vessel of thoughts and musings. He named it SPIOSPHERE; an appropriate title that was reflective of his unique approach on life.