How many times have you been on a diet, taken weeks or months to finally lose some weight, then just put it back on when your willpower failed? The lemon juice maple syrup diet will take off the weight fast and then help you keep it off without using just willpower. This diet is uncomplicated to do, takes weight off quickly and even makes you healthier when you’re done. Thousands of people have used it safely for over 50 years.

The diet is pretty simple. Drink a cleansing drink when you get up(salt water or tea), drink a freshmade special lemonade mixture and water for the rest of the day(it contains all the nutrition you need) and some tea before bed. No calories to count, no special foods to have shipped to you and no memberships to pay for.

Quick weight loss…
The weight comes off fast, and 10 days of results will impress anyone. Of course now you have to fill in the time that you normally use eating with some other activity(you do need to keep busy). While you’re on this diet you can expect to lose between 1-2lbs. every day on average for the 10 days you’re on it(some people go longer). You will notice that usually your clothes will feel less snug and you also get more energy by the 5th day of this 10 day diet.

Makes you healthier…
This diet will detox your body of all of the toxins that caused you to be in an unhealthy state. By resting your body, from digesting all that processed food, your body can naturally rebuild. You’ll have more energy to enjoy the people around you. You’ll have less aches and pains, and will feel good again(even your skin becomes clearer). You can wake refreshed after a good nights sleep. I know it sounds crazy but that’s what being healthy can do for you. When you finish the diet your body will actually crave food that’s good for you and that helps to keep unwanted weight off.

So what’s the dark secret to this great diet? If this is that good why don’t I see it advertised 30 times a day on TV?

Two reasons, “There’s not enough profit in it.” and (the big one), it’s simple to follow, but not easy to do. Without the right planning and informational support a lot of people never get past day 3. Don’t forget that the standard length of 10 days on this diet can be a long time.

Everybody wants simple and easy, but that’s how we all get to overweight and unhealthy. Everything that we do starts out difficult, but with information, support and experience things become easier. There is information to be found and support to be had online. That’s why the lemon juice maple syrup diet is the best choice to make if you want to lose weight and be healthier.

I have had some chronic health issues that this diet has helped me to overcome. This article is just a start on the great benefits you can get from this diet. Click on my blog, The Master and get more information and where to find a support group.