The lemon juice maple syrup diet is a great way to lose weight quickly and get healthier at the same time. The trick is to complete the 10 days. A lot of people won’t complete the 10 days because they don’t know how to successfully start the diet. If you start the diet right you’ll have the physical and mental edge that you need to feel healthier and look slimmer in 10 days.

Preparation is the key.
To gain all of the benefits this diet offers you need some preparation. If you get up in the morning and decide that this is a good day to start the diet it can become very hard to do. The people that try this diet for the first time, without some preparation, usually quit after 3 days.

What to do first.

1. On a sheet of paper write down why you want to do this diet, then read it everyday. Write down the emotional reasons, not the reasonable ones. Example: You want to lose 10 lbs. Reasonable-I would be healthier. Emotional-losing 10 lbs. will make me feel slimmer and have more energy to spend on the things that make me feel happy.

2. Make a diet diary to show what you need to accomplish each day and a place on it to write down what you actually did for that day.

3. Take 3 days to slowly accustom your body and mind to not eating solid food, that will lesson any discomfort you may feel about doing the diet, and show you how to eat to live, not live to eat.

– Day one, drink the lemonade and water during the day but have a normal dinner.
– Day two, do the salt water flush or tea in the AM then lemonade and water during the day but only raw vegetables and fruit for dinner.
– Day three, same as day two but only soup or broth for dinner.
– Day four, start the full diet for the next ten days.

With the right preparation you can succeed with the lemon juice maple syrup diet and gain the many benefits that come with completing this program. Thousands of people just like you have done this diet safely over the past 50 years with great results. You will look and feel better then you have in years and all you have to lose is the weight. I have used this diet 4 times in the last 2 years and it has made me healthier then I have been in 30 years.

This article is just a start on what to do while on the lemon juice maple syrup diet, also known as the 10 day Master Cleanse. For more information on the diet and more details on pre-planning and post-planning for the diet click on these sites: The Master and The 10 Day Master Cleanse