There are unforgettable incidents in your life; one of them may be a shocking event of the world captured by talented photographers.  It can be seen that they are invaluable moments, bringing us a number of lively memories with sad feelings in the past. Have you ever heard of  starvation in Biafra, torture in Abu Ghraib Prison, or chemical leakage consequences in Bhopal India? The following pictures can help us review such notable issues with bitter tears.


Torture in Abu Ghraib Prison

Early in 2004, all over the world was in shock when a series of extremely brutal photos in infamous Abu Ghraib prison, Iraq, was leaked unveiling how U.S soldiers tortured Iraqi prisoners.

The scandal in Abu Ghraib jail


The schoking undeniable photos led former American president, George W.Bush, accepted that was the biggest mistake of U.S authority in Iraq war. The prison has been controled by Iraq since February, 2009 with a new name: Baghdad Central prison.


Gas leak tragedy in Bhopal, India

In 1984, 40 tons of hazardous gases, methyl isocyanate chemical, MIC, from Union Carbide plant in Bhopal centre killed over 35,000 residents just in a few hours and triggered serious diseases for hundreds of others. After consistent fights of the victims for 10 years, justice may be served in Bhopal city.

As a research, MIC severely affected human brain and neighborhood’s nature.


Boston fire

On 22 July 1975, Stanley J. Forman, an employee in Boston Heral American, received a police signal about an apartment house fire in Marlborough. The reporter intimately arrived and witnessed fire-fighters in efforts to extinguish the fire disaster.

The picture in horror


The worst industrial disaster of the world

The photo in a burial of an unknown child partially shows the devastating incident of deadly gas leaking of Union Carbide plant, India. Once more time, this horrific issue is an alarming for negative aspects in chemical technology.

“Burial of an unknown child” was taken by Raghu Rai in 1984.


Burning to fight against authority

One of the shocking events in the world sprouted from self-immolation of a monk, Thich Quang Duc. He burned himself to protest against the crackdown done by the South Vietnam government to his Buddhist monks on 11 June 1963.

The monk Thich Quang Đuc left a peace message to the rest of the world.


His action at once surprised the world and created big wave to the press and politics. Witnesses said that during his immolation, there were not any scream or move while the crowds busted into tears.


11 September 2001

In the morning of 11 September 2001, two hijacked aircraft clashed into Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, New York, U.S as a result of a shocking attacks hatched by Al Qaeda.

The attack killed entire passengers and 2,974 innocent victims at WTC. Over 90 nations lost their talents and stock exchange market was closed for a week. This was really the worst day in U.S history.



An Afghan child lonely in the storm

To hide from a dust storm, a refugee child had to nestle behind a tent. The photo has brought tears to eyes of every handful people.

It is wondered when such violent war ends.


Biafra record starvation

As the Igbos in East Nigeria declared independence in 1967, Nigerian authority made a decision to get Biafra frozen. Consequently, the failure of harvest and war claimed over 1 million died of hunger and children faced up to severe malnutrition.

Biafran Children in stages of starvation, 1968


Mass killing in Buchenwald

In 1937, the Nazis constructed Buchenwald concentration camp in Weimar, Germany. From 1937 to 1945 liberation, over 43 thousands of the Jew were killed. The camp in Buchenwald is considered a history stigma of the Germen and an undeniable evidence for brutality of the Nazis to the Jew in the world.

Mass killings in the concentration camp


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