If you do not know what HOA means, then you probably have not attended to any homeowners meeting yet. HOA stands for Homeowners association. Thus, HOA rules are set of guidelines developed by your community. Why is this important, you might ask? Why is there a need for another set of rules when there are existing laws about properties and the like?

These rules are set to protect the interest of the homeowners. However, not all residents in the community will agree to this. Some may not agree with the rules set. However, these are vital. In most cases, lawyers who are well versed with the different types of HOA laws prepare these laws. However, there are also occasions when certain association adopts the laws by the other community. Although this is all right, it is not recommended. This is because each neighborhood has different needs. HOA rules can be very specific at times and certain rules may not be applicable to a particular community.

You are probably among the homeowners who question the rules. However, you cannot deny its importance. Among them are as follows:

1. The rules are developed with the homeowners in mind. This means that is supposed to protect them from inconsiderate homeowners. A good example would be the parking space for the car. In most neighborhoods, parking your car in the street is not allowed. If you have a car, you need to have a carport. Although it is allowed in some communities, there are limitations as to the number of cars that can be parked in the street.

2. There are also rules about noise. Most homeowners would want to have a quiet time at home. It is because of this that rules about noise are developed. This is to ensure that other neighbors are considerate about the others when they are hosting parties.

3. Pets are also regulated in most neighborhoods. There are restrictions on the number of pets they can have. This is especially true to pets that create loud noise such as dogs.

4. Waste management is also another concern that most communities face. Some have set rules as to how they segregate their trash. This is to ensure that the neighborhood stays clean. This is essential in keeping the residents healthy as well as the environment clean.

5. There are also neighborhoods that provide rules as to where your children can play. Some communities have big front yards, which allow children to play. However, this is not the case in areas with smaller front yard as this can put their children at risk especially when there are cars passing.

The HOA rules are important because it oversees what is essential for the community. A resident may want to do something without realizing the effects of his action. This is why such special rules are set, to remind residents and ensure that the people in the community are considerate of their neighbors.

If you have not decided to purchase a house yet in a certain neighborhood, check their HOA manuals to see if their rules are acceptable for you.

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