Nearly every adult has heard of hair loss in men, usually referred to as male pattern baldness. Women suffer their own form of hair loss, however. While men tend to lose all hair or a good portion of hair, women, for the most part, experience thinning hair over the entire surface of the scalp. Both genders are concerned about this issue and often try various forms of hair growth treatment. Some of these treatments are ineffective, some are mildly successful, and fewer still are applauded for achieving desired results.

Everyone knows an individual should not be judged on the amount of hair he or she has, or for that matter, eye color and height. Part of the problem is society is extremely visual. People get jobs based on how they appear, models are chosen based on looks, and romantic partners are chosen based on looks and personality. This feeds into self-confidence issues people experience when faced with hair loss.

Each company that specializes in growth treatments claims to have the best product. A lot of these businesses spend a lot of money on advertisements to gain the attention of the public and increase sales. Flashy advertisements do not always mean a substance will render the same results for every user. Companies would like consumer’s to think that this is the case, however, they are in business to make a profit.

Androgenic Alopecia, also known as pattern baldness, is caused by a number of things. Hormones and genes do play a role in this condition and are the main factors causing loss of hair. Medications, medical treatments, and burns may also contribute to the appearance of this condition. Naturally occurring hair loss, without any interference from outside agents, has been scientifically studied. Testosterone plays a role in alopecia.

The general population does not realize that hair is not constantly growing. Like many things, there is a cycle involved in this growth process. In healthy individuals hair grows for many consecutive years and then enters a resting period. After this resting period, hair production starts again. In some people, however, the resting period does not return to the production state. This results in growth issues and eventually thinning hair.

Many different products are offered for sale with the intention of treating or even curing the problem of hair loss. Prior to self-medicating and self-diagnosing, it is best to ask the opinion of a doctor. Together, patients and physicians are able to come to an agreeable conclusion in regards to hair treatments. For people who are into organic products, there are mixtures available that do not have lengthy chemical ingredients. Organic products tend to be water based without strong odors.

As mentioned before, there are several factors responsible for baldness. One reason is a biological creation called DHT. DHT, also known as dihydrotestosterone, comes about from testosterone and 5-alpha-reductase interacting. The bi-product of this interaction is responsible for effecting hair follicles and growth.

Many times a person will find themselves trying a variety of brand name products before finding the one that works the best for him or herself. This is to be expected as everyone is different. The effectiveness and speed of hair growth treatment is individualized. There are general time frames that can be followed, but once more, everyone is different and speed of new growth may have slight variations from person to person.

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